Midnight Poems

What symphony of sound do you bring on those beautiful days?

What is a reality continuously ending;

the Winter’s silence may not be heard

but the miracle of your coming to choose us

is a soft running inside the shadow’s pleasure renounced,

this conversation leaves me empty…

I’m no longer telling you anything that you



about ourselves…

Winter 1995




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T. Byron K.

Past that blue ice Wintered Sky & through my eyes-there must be your still miracled Heaven…Where we may

begin again/ Within, within that silent song now brought forth

out of one blessed ressurection/against that day the garden was lost, and

all our heart’s protection. And longer now this day dream drifts.

For Hope is Love’s intention /As the heel was bruised, the

message lost until Love’s intervention/O Tender Word of Heaven/

O promise of Forever/




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Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing here

Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing here

Although my loving children are near

There are brief moments of good

But in between I’m knocking on wood

What I do somewhat matters

But mostly it’s only a clatter 

A distraction which wears my soul

A dark stain, a hard lump of coal

But not the kind of coal with fire starter

The kind which only lights if you barter

You can have my home if you’ll just light

But even then no one hears the plight 

I could go but I hold onto hope

That someday I’ll find a way to cope

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The meeting ends with great dismay

The meeting ends with great dismay

The air conditioning vent rattles

Tears bellow inside eyes

As a deep breath is consumed

Although they know this will pass

The question becomes how and when

Obviously this too shall pass

But how much soul will whither

How much pride will suffer

How much shorter will life become

How will the brain recover

How will the body re-run

It is not a big deal on the outside

No one can tell what lurks beneath

If they only had a clue

That death was encircling

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