Advent-in all pure beginnings-Single poem of our every dreaming

Evocation-defend this dream-a

vision of shared Emmanuel.

O Silvery night


Astonished stars


Angels, celestial


star speak.

And in the stillness they were saying;

“Drop your time


This earth mantle

Of Eternity

For it was vision that announced

You…and days into

Hours not ended, or faith evolved into

Blood-becoming part of us.”

Spring 1997




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The River Of Swans~Poem # 23

T. Byron K.

That milk white mothersome light, O curious teacher, engraver of changes/ Moon tide or “watersong”, an eternity of our soft forgiving eschews the mire, as what becomes real enables the rest-a surge of Winter stars crest our broken light and the living continue.It’s easy to think of you Neruda, at just twenty, discovering your solitude beneath a yellow canopy of that dark continent.What wet, jade shadow jungle surely witnessed this soul’s first perfection?/ In an instant flow of connection or in the loving turn of a newer poem, one vision clad measure which breathed salvation; as fireflies dazzled golden grasses, rain softly fell/ and into silences before words, two white doves split the damp air with their songs.

Winter 1996

Revised 9/23/2005

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Wish List

T. Byron K.

And as I spoke your name aloud-soft, invisible wings, fluttering,

ascension in that somber air behind me.

To become the ancient characters

of the dream.

Oriental caricature of innocent pearls, white,

and apple tree leaves,

boughs the colours of sea foam at night.

That sweeter miracle-

letting it all come through me

like this.

I’ve never pleaded my heart into

a promised beating.

And visions for death reside the later morning dream-

I’m running a gauntlet never meant to be.





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You and I and Stars

You and I and stars
Hurling through vast unknowns
Anyone who thinks they know
does not
You and I and stars
Made of the same elements
Anyone who disagrees
should not
You and I and stars

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