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Hello, My name is…

Hello, we’re new here. This is Poetic Post. A free simple place to post poetry. Our community is for lovers of poetry as well as minimal web design. We also hope to simply spread and promote poetry, and the history of poetry in general as well.

You may already post your poetry other places, but honestly the more places you are able to post, the more exposure you will get. Plus, you will enjoy our up-voting, bookmarking, and other minimal yet very useful features if you join.

Our aim is not to replace any existing poetry websites or communities. Our aim is also not to become a huge corporation. We just love web design and poetry and we hope you’ll join and share this passion with us.


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Photo of a laptop at a cafe or office with code on the screen and a little green plant next to it

You may have seen or heard before the line, “code is poetry.” It truly is. As more poets sign up we have noticed…

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Post your original poetry.


Poetic Post is a simple place to post, discuss, and bookmark original poetry. But wait, there's more. We have groups for collaboration and discussion, as well as long reads for posting short stories and traditional blog posts.

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