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Code is in fact poetry

You may have seen or heard before the line, “code is poetry.” It truly is. As more poets sign up we have noticed small things here and there which needed to be improved and so we’ve done that. Plus, we will continue to improve if/when we spot issues. We are new, so there will be growing pains.

Just as you might tweak a poem as you write it or re-write it, although we are a new website, we are already making small but necessary adjustments. Our archenemy sometimes tends to simply be finding just the right balance when it comes to caching. If you are not super web savvy, websites/servers cache certain files, images, and pages so that the website loads as fast as possible. But, too much caching causes weird behavior like old or missing content.

Besides fiddling with caching to make this place speedy, here are just a few of the latest changes that have been made over the past few days:

We changed how usernames are displayed to make them more uniform in more places. The format we are now showing is the @ style (i.e. @the-poet). You can include spaces in your username when you sign up, but the spaces will turn into dashes in most places. This change was made largely because of the next change.

We now have a “@mention” feature within comments. The way this is designed is that usernames are converted to all lowercase and spaces become dashes. Therefore, in order to make things uniform and so that other poets can more quickly remember your “mention” name format, your username now matches that mention name format.

We added a follow button to profiles. This may become fancier one day, but for now it is just so that you can keep a list of your favorite poets on the site. You will find your follow list within your dashboard’s menu.

We added ratings. We always had the upvote button. But now on top of that we have a 5 star rating scale for each poem.

Within poem streams (pages with the card-like styled boxes), such as on our main page, we added user profile images to the top right corner of the card. As always, click mostly anywhere on the card and you go to that poem’s dedicated page where you may rate and comment. But now on top of that, if you click right on the person’s profile image you will go to their profile.

We also adjusted the posting form and post editing as well. On that note, if you have already posted poetry here, if you ever try to edit old posts you may notice that you need to re-do your line breaks/spacing. Any poems posted going forward won’t have this issue.

Finally, we added groups. This is a big addition. So much so that it will be best to save a full explanation for a separate blog post. For now, we’ll just point out the obvious that groups were added so that poets can collaborate.

Those are the major changes we can think of right now. There’s always also small styling tweaks being pushed out if we spot something that doesn’t quite look right.

Why all this work for free? Because we love poetry and web design. Thank you for being a part of our journey! If you have any questions and you’re a member, join the new Support group and post your question there.


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