6 free places to submit your poetry

First, this post isn’t about just any free place to post your poetry. You may do that here at Poetic Post, other poetry communities, and on big social media sites. Instead, the focus of this post is on magazines, newspapers, and various other places you may submit your poetry for consideration for free.

1 Check out your local newspaper’s website. They may have a section where they publish original poetry and they may be accepting submissions. To prove I’m not making this up, here’s one example: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. They have a poetry corner section within their Sunday Insight pages.

2 Rattle.com accepts poetry submissions year-round as long as it hasn’t been published before. Posting your poetry on sites like Poetic Post does not count. They mean as long as it has not been published in another magazine, newspaper, book, etc. Although I already said this post is about free opportunities, I’ll repeat this is free and you could get paid.

3 Even very popular publications such as The New Yorker accept poetry. Although, I’m sure it can be difficult to have one of your poems published by a magazine such as The New Yorker. Still, it doesn’t hurt to try.

4 There’s an independent, reader supported publication called The Sun. They also accept poetry submissions for a chance to have your poem published. Unlike some of the others mentioned, they do not allow multiple submissions, so pick your best.

5 Submit your poetry to a very old and historic magazine called The Nation based out of New York. This publication was founded in 1865 by abolitionists. The poetry you submit here could be considered for their physical magazine or exclusively published online only.

6 Finally, to wrap up I’d like to point you to a page at entropymag.org which lists a ton of opportunities. Now, I know I’ve said multiple times this post is for free opportunities, and I will stand by that even though this list includes many opportunities which do require a fee. But, mixed in with those are free ones and it is such an extensive list I couldn’t leave it off this list. The following link will take you to a 2020 list, but they post new lists often. You may just need to poke around a bit.

There are many more places all around the world to get your poetry published. Hopefully, this small list will give you ideas around how to search and what to look for. The bottom line is, most literary magazines and many newspapers accept poetry submissions. Good luck, and if it’s your passion, never stop trying.


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